OMG! Ohmyhome vows to make house-hunting a lot easier

Looking for a new property can be an exhilarating experience. Until you have to deal with the nitty gritty.

Talking to an agent or two. Checking out websites and comparing deals. Everything that means choosing among good things could be tedious. And that is sure buzzkill for buyers.

Don’t worry. Ohmyhome got you.

Billed as the “Launchpad of Modern Philippine Real Estate,” Ohmyhome offers a complete library of properties and allows buyers to go to a one-stop shop platform that features all available properties.

The platform can provide the professional assistance of licensed brokers and agents you need in securing home loans, documentation, and even tenants.

“I’m so thankful I found Ohmyhome because initially, I thought that there was only one choice in the area I want to buy, but it turns out there are five to choose from. So in the end, I got one which (has) better pricing and also a good size for my family,” said David Rosalles.

Ohmyhome, the Philippines’ premier property technology platform, has partnered with 153 developers with over 80,000 properties.

Customers can also search for properties by region across the country as well as by the name of the developer.

By making accurate information available to everyone, customers are able to make the best decisions for themselves instead of buying into the best sales pitch. 

Not only is Ohmyhome a tech platform with a website and mobile app, it has a licensed brokerage with licensed sales agents to ensure that it can fully serve and support its customers. 

Whether it is online inquiries on Ohmyhome’s website, mobile app, messenger, phone call, Viber or offline in-person site trippings, customers are assured to get the best service.

“I am so surprised that I was able to buy the property that I want at a bigger discount with Ohmyhome. I think they run special exclusive promotions. It’s just amazing, I got to save a few thousand and the sample computation is very clear so I know my payment terms,” said Ryan Gan.

Ohmyhome Philippines is the latest incarnation of the original Ohmyhome platform, which traces its roots in Singapore. In Singapore, Ohmyhome is hailed for its amazing platform and outstanding agent services. 

Since its launch in 2016, the platform has successfully done transactions worth over $2.5 B in Singapore alone.

“If you’re planning to shop for a new property, just go to Ohmyhome. They are so patient with me. My family had so many ideas and comments and the agent is really a kind and nice man,” said Michelle Rodriguez

Ohmyhome is the most highly rated real estate platform with more than 8,000 five-star reviews. That says a lot about it, especially in the fragmented property market. It’s no wonder that it has won numerous awards with over 175,000 monthly active users.

Founders Rhonda and Race Wong realized the gap in the real estate transaction market where sales commission is prioritized over finding the right property for the buyer.

Ohmyhome sets out to be the company that puts customers first above all else. Buying a property is a major milestone that should be celebrated instead of a hassle, according to them.

Filipinos can also access Ohmyhome’s listings, promotions, and advice by downloading the companion app available on iOS and Android. For even the latest news and information, users can also follow Ohmyhome’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.  

Ohmyhome Philippines Marketing Head Lloyd Cunanan noted that developers happily turn over their property listings to Ohmyhome.

“Getting featured in a property tech platform that already has a substantial following can help them better compete. We have a robust digital ecosystem that gets their properties the necessary exposure and traction online,” said Cunanan. “Aside from our digital expertise, we have monthly events that cater to new launches that provide an avenue for the “more traditional” homebuyers to experience and procure their next life-changing property investment with us.”

“The Philippine real estate industry was due for a technological upgrade, and we’re happy to say that Ohmyhome fills that need,” said Race Wong, Ohmyhome’s co-founder. “More and more Filipinos are going online to look around the properties they want to live on or invest in. Property tech platforms make it much easier to do your research without having agents pressuring you for a decision. That’s why buyers find visiting Ohmyhome to browse property.”

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