PNP urged to file more cases vs Gonzales

Lawyer Raymond Fortun on Friday urged the Philippine National Police to file more cases against Wilfredo Gonzales, a former cop who was caught on a viral video slapping and wielding a firearm against an unarmed cyclist in Quezon City last month.

Fortun said he believes that the alarm and scandal case filed by the Quezon City police against Gonzales was lacking, citing its lighter penalty.

“Kung titingnan natin ang ating CCTV footage meron pa pong ibang mga krimen na sa pananaw ko po ay nakamit (If we look at the CCTV footage, there are other crimes, which I believe have been committed),” Fortun told a radio interview.

“Unang-una, ‘yung frustrated homicide tapos slander by deed, ‘yung pananampal, pambabatok, and then ‘yung grave threats. Obvious naman na naglabas siya ng baril at kinasa pa ito (First is frustrated homicide, then slander by deed, slapping, hitting the cyclist and grave threats)” he added.

A barangay official said this week that Gonzales had faced multiple complaints for alleged violence, threats and intimidation.

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