A meditation bliss — A quiet walk on the beach

What comes into your mind when you think of the beach — scorching hot sun? Crowded shores lined with sunbathers, picnic baskets and beachball players?

Well, there are other reasons to go to the beach. To watch the thrilling sunsets and the breathtaking sunrises, with empty expanses of the sands and the cool breeze touching your cheek, and where the heavens and earth meet.

An early morning walk on the beach will help you put things into perspective. The sun gives you enough warmth, but not uncomfortably hot, with the palpating pulse of the waves gently pushing against the shore, giving you a steady peace. The experience is quite enthralling.

Meditating through walking is more than just strolling. It is all about being aware of our physical sensations and body as we move about. It opens our eyes, mind, and body in the present. It takes your mind off your daily grind and responsibilities while allowing you to reflect on things that matter to you. A walk on the beach will help you maintain good mental health.

So, one morning while in Bagac, Bataan, I took a morning stroll along the beach for my much-needed walking meditation. Armed with an Honor 90 5G smartphone, I took snaps of the scenes around me to capture nature closely as I smelled the salty sea while taking photos. The photographs venture into the many exciting views of the beach. At the same time, the world is still asleep, from a man sweeping the beaches in preparation for the waking guests, solitary watch cabin, cleaned pools, jet skis, lone fishing boat, and many others.

Start your day with a walk on the beach to reconnect to your senses and nourish your relationship with peace and the qualities of the present. | PHOTOGRAPHS BY KOMFIE MANALO FOR THE DAILY TRIBUNE

So next time you feel exhausted, with both your body and mind needing some peace, a walk on the beach may be what you need to refocus your mind and relax. But remember to bring your smartphone and capture the moment.

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