Presenting Ely Buendia’s picks for new OPM, P-pop stars

The legend of Ely Buendia started with Eraserheads, the Filipino band that ruled supreme during the ‘90s.

Together with Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raymund Marasigan, Buendia showcased his songwriting and singing skills, musicality and genius in a string of eventual E-heads classics. The alpha band gave Generations X, Y and Z their bubble-gum hits Ligaya and Pare Ko, psychedelic forays Alapaap and Overdrive, storytelling wonders Magasin and Ang Huling El Bimbo, and the definitive anthem of the masses, Para Sa Masa.

Now, the living legend that came from the decade of relative peace and prosperity is hands-on and has his hands full as the head of Offshore Music, an independent record label founded by a group of businessmen and musicians in 2016. The company’s aim is to nurture new Filipino artists who can make the familiar sound fresh.

Buendia, together with Sony Music Entertainment, recently presented to the public their talent acquisitions, consisting of solo artists, singer-songwriters and college rock bands, all of whom expressed their determination to make their musical mark in the Philippine entertainment scene.

“I really don’t know what to expect, and that’s what’s great about it. By choosing Offshore Music, these artists have proven that they value artistic growth over anything else,” said Buendia at the launch.

As for the company behind them, “The team’s real-world experiences are invaluable to the artists’ careers, making their growth, authenticity and creativity the number one priority,” Buendia added.

Leading the pack of Offshore talents is city pop band ALYSON, with the members’ matinee-idol looks and Beatles-patterned color-coordinated suits; along with Baguio City-based indie rock band Amateurish, alternative rock chanteuses Her Name Is Noelle, pop soloist Ligaya Escueta, one-named musical wonder Neytan, alt-R&B adventurists JDRX and CRISHA, funk/pop/groove band Mt. Lewis, folk/indie artist Breē and psych pop troubadour Elton Clark.

Offshore Music has become one of the most important and respected indie record labels in the country. Among their most exciting artists are Apartel, ena mori, Pinkmen, Sulo, Sansette and Eliza Marie.

Offshore’s fresh batch of musical finds will be dropping their singles in succession this October and November.

In this day and age of SB19, Ben & Ben, Zack Tabudlo and JK Labajo, these musical talents from OffShore Music are a welcome addition to the universe of original Filipino music and P-pop. Salute and congratulations to all!

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