Over 100 erring BI workers face charges

Bureau of immigration Commissioner Norman Tansingco bared yesterday that there are more than 100 erring BI workers facing serious administrative cases.

In the media forum “Balitaan sa Harbor View” by MACHRA (Manila City Hall Reporters Association), Tansingco said the agency continues to weed out employees who have committed wrongdoing in their jobs.

He explained that the BI is currently in the process of adopting E-transaction like applications for visa, travel authority and the like which will lessen the direct man-to-man transaction to avoid discretionary processes where corruption comes.

“ I admit that discretion sometimes begets corruption and for that digitalization is vital as it reduces human intervention and discretion and much faster with the aid of modern gadgets which mostly everyone has like laptops tablets and mobile phones,” Tansingco explained.

In the same breath, Tansingco said the BI is now investigating the presence of the “escort service for a fee” involving BI men.

This, after DoJ Secretary Jesus Remulla revealed that there are  employees of the BI who is being paid P150,000 just to allow the entry and exit of blacklisted foreign individuals.

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