Maintain probity, Gesmundo tells magistrates

In celebration of the Judicial Integrity Board’s third founding anniversary at the Court of Appeals auditorium, the Supreme Court recognized the board’s indispensable role in the pursuit of transparent and accountable justice.

Associate Justice Jose Midas P. Marquez, addressing the gathering, heralded the JIB’s pivotal function, emphasizing that the judiciary “must uphold transparency and accountability to inspire public confidence and trust.”

Chief Justice Gesmundo, through Justice Marquez, conveyed the significance of the JIB’s creation as the institution responsible for ensuring that judicial officers and court employees perform their duties in strict accordance with established codes of conduct.

Gesmundo underscored that “judicial accountability is vital to the preservation of the rule of law and the effectiveness of the justice system.”

He stressed that justices and judges must uphold the four standards mandated by the Constitution: Integrity, competence, probity and independence.

These standards, he noted, apply universally to all judiciary officials and employees, regardless of rank, salary grade, educational attainment, or gender.

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