Pro-family employee benefits beyond industry standards

JPMorgan Chase is a globally recognized leader in banking and financial services with over 200 years of history and over 60 years of supporting clients and communities in the Philippines. Its status as one of the best places to work is not only due to its global reach, but also to its internal corporate culture, highlighted by a strong emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion.

A talent-driven company, it goes beyond offering global career opportunities as it embraces a culture that champions diversity and inclusion. “Amid global challenges and digital transformation, we remain committed to hiring exceptional talent and ensuring that they feel like they belong and are cared for, including their families or those closest to them,” said Brian D. Hood, Philippine head of Human Resources.

A prime example of this commitment is the “Enhanced Paid Parental Leave” for non-primary caregivers, such as fathers and same-sex partners. Under this initiative, both probationary and regular employee caregivers can avail themselves of 112 calendar days of paid leave, inclusive of statutory benefits.

The leave’s flexibility, which can be taken continuously or staggered within 12 months from the child’s birth, allows caregivers to navigate the early stages of parenting while fulfilling their professional commitments.

JPMorgan Chase’s internal corporate culture puts strong emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion.


JPMorgan Chase’s dedication is further exemplified by the extension of regular Maternity Leave to probationary employees, granting them access to 112 calendar days of paid leave. Moreover, Adoption Leave is extended to both probationary and regular employees, providing 112 calendar days of paid leave within 12 months of the child’s placement.

“Juggling family and a career can be incredibly challenging. Here, we believe it’s possible to prioritize both. And if we can offer support and make life easier for our employees, we will do so,” assured Hood.

The company also offers a Sabbatical Leave of six months to tenured and eligible employees so they can focus on personal matters. For those whose immediate family members have passed away, the company goes beyond by extending Bereavement Leave to 20 days.

As an equal opportunity employer, it embraces individuals with disabilities and neurological differences. As long as they meet the requirements and are ready to build a global career, the company welcomes them with open arms.

And if seeking a career “renaissance,” JPMorgan Chase is the ideal place for “returning professionals” who temporarily put their careers on pause to focus on their families. The company has developed industry-leading programs for skill retraining and retooling.

Its trailblazing spirit extends to supporting transgender and gender diverse employees to live authentically as their affirmed gender. A groundbreaking inclusion, the company covers expenses on gender-affirming medical care, including consultations with psychiatrists and services from accredited endocrinologists and surgeons and prescribed hormone therapy. JPMorgan Chase is one of the few companies that offer this benefit.

The firm stands out not only for its pro-family benefits but also for its comprehensive healthcare and insurance plans. The company’s wellness program, which includes mental health support, facilitates access to health coaches, counseling and guidance services.


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