Vibrance of Phl motorsport

The vibrant and lively local motorsport community was demonstrated at the recent Philippine Motorsports Expo, which took place at Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City from 14 to 15 October.

The primary objective of the expo was to celebrate and boost awareness of the various motorsport disciplines in the Philippines. The wide array of showcased race cars served as a solid testament to the local talent and enthusiasm for racing.

The DAILY TRIBUNE, demonstrating its commitment to the industry, put up its booth in the expansive venue to showcase an exhibit paying tribute to the event, focusing on its motoring section — Blast.

The expo area bustled with enthusiasts who eagerly checked on a diverse range of race cars, including 4x4s, circuit racing cars, autocross cars and rally cars.

Various exhibitors proudly presented products and services crucial to the motorsport market. These offerings encompassed race suspensions, race schools, aftermarket wheels and tires, performance brakes and race electronics, to name a few.

A sim-racing booth featuring a fully immersive, dual-seat rally setup drew the interest of numerous attendees, showcasing the fusion of virtual and real racing realms.

There was also a sim-racing set up for kids to try out virtual karting, a race discipline that is accessible to youngsters and is a promising entryway into the bigger world of motorsports.

The crowd was a mix of seasoned motorsport fans, car enthusiasts, and curious walk-in visitors, all keenly engaged in the exhibits and panel discussions.

The panel discussion featuring Radical Philippines emphasized the series’ potential as a stepping stone for individuals interested in and capable of pursuing formula or open-wheel racing.

The 2023 Philippine Motorsport Expo is a testament to the talent of race car drivers in the Philippines. Despite the passage of time since the golden era of Philippine motorsports, the expo hinted at a dynamic community poised to achieve success on both local and international stages.

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