Rest easy, Lovee

Cris Albert was the most radiant person in a room. She was so charming and likeable we called her Lovee.

It’s been over a month since her untimely death, and I still can’t believe it.


Cris Albert’s children: Bela and Carlo Albert.


Cris Albert


Angeli Valenciano, Butch Albert and Dr. Hayden Kho.


(from left): Dr. Elsie Pascua, Consul Agnes Huibonhoa


Anton San Diego.


Len Olbes and Shelly Lazaro.


Kevin Tan and his wife Michelle


Javi and Lexi Berenguer-Testa


(from left): Sheree Chua, Tiffany Copok, Dong Ronquillo, Ofelia Wadle, Georgette Ison, Anna Rufino and Raymund Rufino.


Ernie Lopez and Ricky Davao.


Kaye Tinga, Tina Cuevas and Patrick Rosas.


Singapore Ambassador, Gerard Ho.


Sheila Romero and Yoli Ayson.


Peter Coyuito and David Ackerman.


Celine Magat-Lopez and Emmanuelle Vera.


Ana Abad Santos and Wanda Louwallien


Nini Licaros and Doris Magsaysay Ho


Steven Tan


Dr. Aivee Teo, Dr. Z Teo


Korina Sanchez and Small Laude


The columnist, Pops Fernandez, Alice Eduardo, Connie Haw and Deena Garcia.

Like most of her friends, I was shocked and devastated to learn about it. Cris was always so full of life — whether in her work as CEO of Fila Philippines, advocacies, parties and travels, as a wife and mother, or simply as an amazing human day in and out.

It was only right to remember her the way she lived.

To celebrate Cris’ life, her family and Fila held a tribute that paralleled the kind of person she was.

At the venue there were walls of flowers, live music, food and champagne, heartfelt anecdotes and messages and love all around.

Her children pledged to carry on their mom’s legacy.

Rest easy, Lovee. It was my pleasure to have partied with you. You are loved and missed.

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