Bustos, Magat dams release water

The Bustos Dam released excess water this Saturday amid incessant rains in Bulacan, while the Magat Dam also released water this Sunday, to maintain a safe water level amid the rains due to the low pressure area and the Southwest Monsoon.

The Bustos dam released about 226 cubic meters of water per second, and they plan to release more if the rains continue.

The spilling level of Bustos Dam is at 17.20 meters, and as of Saturday the water level was at 17.40 meters above sea level.

Authorities have advised residents near the dam to prepare against flash floods.

Meanwhile, the report added that the Magat Dam in Isabela also released excess water this Sunday at 2 pm with a volume of up to 200 cubic meters per second.

Citing information from the dam authorities, the report said the water level may increase depending on the amount of rainfall in the area.

In the notification last Saturday, the National Irrigation Administration had previously announced that the dam is set to release water at a rate of 200 cubic meters per second.

It is possible that the rate will increase depending on the amount of rainwater in the Magat watershed.

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