Teen kidnapped in Ormoc

Authorities are still investigating the abduction of a 15-year-old girl by unknown men who took her in a white van last Sunday in Ormoc City.

According to the investigation of Ormoc City Police Station 1, it was around 7:00 pm when the incident took place outside the house of the victim who will not be named in Barangay Camp Downes.

The victim was just about to buy something at the store when the suspects suddenly followed him then pull her in a white van and took to an abandoned room.

The girl was able to text her father, who is a driver, and said that the men abducted her and then put her in a white van.

The victim’s father immediately went to the said police station and had his daughter reported missing.

They posted on social media about the abduction and the next day, the suspects dropped he girl off near their house.

The victim was immediately taken to the OSPA Farmers Medical Center in Ormoc and subjected to a physical examination which there were no visible signs of abuse or molestation.

Based on the girl’s story, she does not remember the place she was taken to and that the suspects only asked questions about her father.

While in the middle of the investigation, it was also learned that the suspects sent a text message to the girl’s father and stated that they were holding his daughter and would only release her when the father decided to meet them.

As of now, the police are still conducting an investigation to find out the real motive, the victim has already returned home and is in good condition.

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