Have you been feeling down and out, weak, sluggish and dull lately ? Do you have digestive problems and a loss of appetite? It’s possible that you are deficient in vitamin B.
It isn’t surprising why the building block of good health  starts with the letter B. Because it simply is. Vitamin B has a direct and significant impact on the body’s energy levels, metabolism and brain function.

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pEOPLE who are deficient with vitamin B may feel weak and sluggish.

Deficient in B
While the list is long, it pays to be vigilant about the symptoms your body might be manifesting. Be on the lookout for these other signs:
•Tingling in hands and feet
•Imbalance problems
• Red eyes
•Dry eye
•Eye sensitivity to light
•Hair loss
•Skin problems
•Stomach problems
•Irregular heartbeat, palpitations
•Infections of the mouth

Photograph courtesy of unsplash/ Coffeefy workafe eggs arenatural food source to gain vitamin B.


B complex is the whole range of: B1, B2, B3, B-5, B-6, B-9, B-12
The most common B vitamin deficiencies are B-9 ( Folic Acid) which aids in the production of DNA and RNA  needed in the growth of tissues and cells such as pregnancy, adolescence and pregnancy) and B-12 (folate) which is needed in the production of red blood cells.

B booster juices
green goodness
Combine romaine lettuce, orange or pineapple in a juicer. This combination is vitamin B rich. Drink on an empty stomach.

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Booster juices are preferred to drink on an empty stomach.

B smoothie
In a blender add one cup of milk, three tablespoons of yoghurt  and one fresh egg.
Instant Blusher (because your cheeks will turn pink-blush)
In a blender add one whole sugar beet (chopped), one carrot chopped and a sashimi sized cut of fresh beef liver. Use a slice of orange as your chaser and breath sweetener immediately after drinking.
If drinking your B vitamins may not be appealing, then consider a daily supplement of B complex with your meal.
Vitamin B is a water soluble vitamin. Therefore, because it gets washed out with water through perspiration and urination, it must be constantly replenished.


Photograph courtesy of unsplash/micheile Cereals and grains are food that are reach in vitamin B.

Natural food sources
What to eat if you are Vit B deficient. Upgrade your meal plan to include foods that are rich in vitamin B.
* Asparagus
*Cereals and grains
*Fruits (fresh and dried Note: Be mindful of the sugar content )
*Fish (salmon, tuna especially )
*Green vegetables (especially spinach)
*Red meat

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