Father rapes his own

Instead of protecting his own daughter, a father himself became the reason for ruining the girl’s future after repeatedly raping her until he was arrested last Thursday in Santiago City.

According to PSSg. Hazel Krislie Ignacio of the Women and Children’s Protection Desk, the child’s mother went to their station to file a Rape case against her husband.

Personnel of Santiago City Police Station 4 immediately laid a case against the suspect who has not been named.

According to victim’s mother, who is an OFW, she immediately returned home  after her daughter bared to her aunt that her father is always raping her.

Her aunt, absent hesitation, called her sister long distance and told her what her brother in law did to their own child.

The girl said she was not able to tell anyone, especially  her mother, about it because every time she talked to her mother on the cellphone, she’s always watched by her dad.

  1. The suspect is now facing charges of qualified rape in relation to RA 7610 (Child Abuse Law).

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