The importance of the 7 chakras on the human body

Many people must have heard of the word “chakras” without really knowing its meaning and importance.

It is difficult to explain what chakra is, because there is no equivalent English word for it.

Literally, chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel.” It is seen by clairvoyants like a wheel, that has spokes and rotates either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

There are traditionally seven chakras (some say there are 11, consisting of seven major chakras and four minor ones.)

These are vortices or centers of energy that circulate along several parts of the human body. Each chakra — also called psychic or spiritual center of energy — corresponds to each of the seven endocrine or ductless glands in the human body.

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Meditation on the seven chakras is believed to energize and activate these seven glands and boost one’s immune system.

The chakras are also believed to stimulate the vagus nerve — which controls specific body functions such as digestion, heart rate and immune system.

The great mystics and masters of the East have developed techniques to activate, balance and cleanse the seven chakras.

chakras are centers of energy that circulate along several parts of the human body.

In my Inner Mind Development and Basic E.S.P. seminars, I teach participants a powerful meditation technique to stimulate, cleanse and balance one’s seven chakras.

According to American psychic and prophet Edgar Cayce, the Lord’s Prayer refers to the activation of the seven chakras. Each phrase or sentence in the Lord’s Prayer, Cayce said, really refers to the activation of the seven chakras, and so are the seven seals in the Book of Revelation.

The Lord’s Prayer, Cayce pointed out, is really a secret formula Jesus Christ gave for the spiritual development or soul evolution of humanity.

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There is no scientific instrument that can prove the existence of the chakras. However, a Japanese researcher and mystic, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama of Tokyo, developed a machine called the Apparatus for Meridian Identification (or AMI) which revealed the existence of the seven vortices of energy in humans.

The AMI machine was originally intended to prove the existence of the acupuncture points in the human body as taught by traditional Chinese medicine.

Aside from showing the existence of such acupuncture points, the AMI machine also accidentally revealed the existence of seven centers of energy called chakras, which are known by Indian mystics and clairvoyants.

By constant meditation, a person will feel the energy emanating or radiating from these centers.

Each chakra has a different sound or tone.

The regular practice of meditating on the seven chakras has beneficial healing effects on humans.

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