SC: Denial cannot prevail over facts

The Supreme Court has ruled that the mere denial of an accused cannot prevail over established facts in reversing a guilty verdict in an illegal possession of firearms case.

Affirmed by the High Court was the conviction of petitioner Paulo Castil by the Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 215, a decision also backed by an October 2019 resolution and decision of the Court of Appeals.

Based on the evidence, Castil was found in possession of a gun with live ammunition without the requisite licenses and permits.

The SC said the petitioner’s denial does not deserve credence as it lacks truth.

To legally possess firearms in the Philippines, a person must secure a license to own and possess firearms from the Philippine National Police. A permit to carry firearms outside of residence is also necessary to bring firearms outside of one’s house.

To qualify for both license to possess and permit to carry a firearm, a person must pass drug and neuro-psychiatric tests, and need to submit documentary requirements like tax payments.

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