Garcia guns for Top 100

Robert Garcia will be joining a handful of tournaments in Australia in a bid to crack into the Top 100 players of the World Squash Federation.

Philippine Squash Academy president Robert Bachmann yesterday said joining numerous competitions will help Garcia jack up his ranking from 160th into, at least, Top 100.

He added that joining these tournaments will boost his rankings and give him a better seeding for the 19th Asian Games in China next year.

A gold medalist in the 30th Southeast Asian Games, Garcia is currently competing in the Costa North Coast Open 2022 at Coffs Harbour, Australia in which he is competing against hometown bet Nicholas Calvert in the first round at press time.

“He will be there for almost a month. Basically, the goal is to improve his world ranking because he is currently at No. 160 in the world. By the end of this year, we hope he could break within the Top 100,” Bachmann said.

“The participants are seeded based on the world rankings. That’s why the world rankings are important. Now, if he can win a tournament or two, even better. His world ranking will improve so we are just trying to get him as far as he can.”

Aside from Costa North Coast Open 2022, Garcia is also set to see action in the Alta Group Pennant Hills NSW Squash Open 2022 in Sydney from 25 to 28 August and at the Volkswagen Bega Open 2022 from 31 August to 4 September.

After that, Garcia is set to compete in the City of Devonport Tasmania Open 2022 at Devonport from 7 to 11 September and at the Eastside Open 2022 in Hobart from 14 to 18 September.

Bachmann said Garcia has what it takes to make a deep run in the Costa North Coast Open 2022 tourney.

“If I’m being realistic, we are looking up to quarters or semis. That would be good already because his world rankings will increase,” Bachmann said.

“I told him to target as far as the semis. If he goes as far as the semis, we want him to go all the way to the final.”

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