Ignacio eyes OWWA facelift

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration head Arnell Ignacio plans a reimaging of the agency’s customer experience that meets the needs of overseas Filipino workers and their families more personally, without delay or dissatisfaction.

“We need to redesign the image of OWWA, from its directors down to the front desk, to make our services more accessible and friendlier to our OFWs,” Ignacio said in an interview with the Daily Tribune’s daily morning TV and radio show Gising Na! on Wednesday.

“We want our OFWs to have their “Kuya” or “Ate” every time they visit our offices. Our goal is to make communications open between our clients and OWWA employees. They should feel they have a friend or relatives there. This program will also involve the community, including the barangays (village),” he added.

According to Ignacio, the first thing “we need to know is what our OFWs need from OWWA, not just today but in the future.” There should be open communication with the OFWs in person, on social media, and on all platforms, he said

“The critical feature here is to listen first, then respond when needed. But we can only do this if we are sure of the exact needs of our OFWs,” he added.

Ignacio reiterated the importance of providing the correct information.

“Wrong information leads to wrong emotions, which leads to a wrong decision,” Ignacio stated, emphasizing the seriousness of accessibility and dialog.

OWWA is also set to have programs including psychological intervention for OFWs who have mental problems, including the relaunch of its “Hatid Saya” Program.

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