Love triangle in ‘What We Could Be’ music video

Miguel Tanfelix, Ysabel Ortega, and Yasser Marta are in a love triangle in the What We Could Be music video released by GMA and Quantum Films last 1 July.

Sharing the same title as that of the series, the music video of the official theme song “What We Could Be” served as the first teaser of the series.

The music video shows how the two contrasting worlds of Cynthia’s (Ysabel Ortega) simple yet happy family and Franco’s (Miguel Tanfelix) luxurious lifestyle collide.

The two cross paths after the awkward Cynthia, who hits her head on the gate, is approached by the intimidating Franco. After the encounter, the scene transitions to the two developing a closer relationship.

Despite their disparity in social status, Cynthia and Franco pretty much get along — until another man, Lucas (Yasser Marta), enters the picture.

Cynthia and Lucas often hang out, leaving Franco jealous towards their closeness.

What We Could Be is Sparkle sweethearts Miguel Tanfelix and Ysabel Ortega’s first series as a love team. It premieres this 18 August on GMA Telebabad.


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