Bar examiners, personnel get aid

The Supreme Court in preparation for the November 2022 Bar examinations approved in an en banc resolution incentives for Bar examiners and personnel.

In Bar Bulletin 5, S. 2022 Mandatory Continuing Legal Education, will also give incentives to members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines and set the deadline for submission of Bar personnel applications.

In a Resolution dated 2 August 2022, the Court En Banc granted MCLE exemption under Rule 7, Section 3 of Bar Matter 850 to Bar Examiners and Bar Personnel engaged in the 2022 Bar Examinations, as follows:

Bar Examiners are exempted for one compliance period; Members of the Office of the Bar Examinations Chairperson are exempted for one compliance period, and other Bar Personnel are exempted for:

One compliance period if they render actual service for four Bar Examination days; Partial credit of nine units for each Bar Examination Day that they render actual service.

Exemption provision

The said exemptions are subject to the proviso that they have complied with all the prescribed protocols and instructions issued by the Bar Examinations Chairperson.

The MCLE exemption granted under the resolution may be applied to any compliance period and is subject to the administrative filing of the attestation of exemption under the MCLE procedures.

In addition, for lawyers who render volunteer service as Bar Personnel during the 2022 Bar Examinations, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines has waived, by way of incentive, the following requirements for purposes of compliance with the Lifetime Membership requirements of the IBP:

a. Rendition of 120 hours of legal aid service; and

b. Attendance to one regional or national convention of the IBP.

In lieu of the mentioned requirements and certification of such service attested to by the 2022 Bar Examinations Chairperson must be submitted to the IBP as part of the documents in support of the lawyer’s application for Lifetime Membership.

Provided further, that the other requirements relative to the application for Lifetime Membership shall still be complied with by such lawyer.

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