Closed CDSL ‘violated’ QC building code, too

The beleaguered Colegio de San Lorenzo will have to face more consequences from its abrupt permanent closure announced on 15 August, citing financial reasons.

Lawyer Orlando Paolo F. Casimiro, Quezon City Legal Department head, said Friday they are looking into other possible violations of the school, including lack of building permit, illegal construction, and violation of easement of waterways.

“The City Government will study all legal options against the property owner,” Casimiro said in a statement.

CDSL, which is located in Barangay Toro, Quezon City, allegedly failed to comply with the city’s Department of Building Official order to rectify the structure it erected and observe the easement of waterways, despite repeated warnings.

The DBO, he said, will file criminal charges against the property owners for violations of the Building Code, and for operating without a business permit.

Mayor Joy Belmonte, in a separate statement Friday, warned the CDSL to stop requiring parents to sign a waiver before getting their refund of tuition and other fees.

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