Pangasinan bars pork import from 3 provinces

The provincial government of Pangasinan has issued an order of temporarily prohibiting the importation of pork from its three neighboring provinces due to the African swine fever (ASF) virus.

Based on Executive Order 0125 issued by Governor Ramon Guico III, from August 18 to September 17, pigs from the provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga and Tarlac are prohibited from entering the province.

In the latest data from the Department of Agriculture, the said three provinces that are active in ASF and are under the red zone or the areas affected by the said virus are listed in their zoning map and zoning status.

“The DA Ilocos regional office recommended the crafting of executive orders and ordinances to regulate the movement of swine in the provinces,” said Guico.

Guico has also instructed the provincial veterinary officials to continue to make quarantine checkpoints and strictly implement the EO.

“In addition, in order to ensure the safety of our constituents and our swine industry, all local chief executives are directed to strengthen biosafety, hygiene, and sanitation standards in slaughterhouses or abattoirs and public markets in their respective area of ​​jurisdiction,” according to the governor.

He also said that local governments should be alert and immediately notify when there is a case of ASF in their area.

In this regard, the DA has also distributed more than 2,000 sentinel piglets to hog raisers under their ASF-affected program for their restart.

As many as 36 towns in the aforementioned province have received sentinel piglets and will observe them for 40 days if they are negative for ASF until it reaches 90 to 120 days to ensure that they are safe from the virus.

The DA also distributed ASF test kits with readers, laboratory equipment, power sprayers, ASF responder kits and disinfectants.

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