Car-care tips during rainy days

The rainy season is already in full swing and with it comes puddle-filled roads, muddy highways, and other conditions that could alter what you usually encounter in fair weather driving. It is imperative to take the time to check your vehicle to ensure it is ready for anything the torrential rains may bring.

To ensure a safe and worry-free driving experience, here are must-check car parts to ensure that your vehicle is ready if the rain starts pouring during your usual drive.

Windshield wiper blades

The condition of your vehicle’s wiper blades is crucial to driver visibility once it rains hard. Before heading out, quickly check if the wiper blades are still in good condition. If the rubber is worn out, it will be good to replace these soon. Also, wiping the wiper blades with a wet cloth prior to driving also helps ensure there are no small stones or debris in it. This also helps prevent any uneven streaks when the wipers are used.

FORD Philippines is offering a 10-percent discount on wiper blades and brake pads for the Ford Everest, Ford Ranger, Ford Ecosport, and Ford Territory until 30 September 2022.


With a car’s tires being in close contact with the road, it’s crucial that they have enough tread to maintain traction against slippery road conditions. If a tire is worn out, it will be slippery and can lead to hydroplaning. Doing a quick visual inspection before driving out ensures you see the depth of tire treads. During periodic maintenance service at dealerships, service mechanics will also check on the age of your tires and will advise if they need replacement.

Oil pan gaskets

These parts are not commonly seen by car owners, but if these gaskets are worn out, it may lead to leaking engine or gear oils and also leave an opening for water to seep through when you pass by puddles or flooded roads. This can lead to car damage. When worn out, these need to be immediately replaced. A quick visual check you can do is to see if there are any oil leaks underneath your car when parked. Mechanics check on these to ensure that gaskets are always in good working condition and will replace them as needed.

Anti-lock Braking System

ABS functionality is crucial in a lot of unpredictable driving situations as it helps prevent the wheels from locking up in sudden, hard-braking situations — allowing the driver to steer the vehicle towards safety. If the ABS is in great condition, the vehicle is maneuverable, especially in rainy situations. Ford vehicles equipped with ABS flash a warning message on the vehicle’s dashboard if it requires servicing, so always check the dashboard prior to moving the vehicle on your first drive of the day.

To ensure safety and peace of mind on the road, especially during challenging driving conditions, it is advised to keep vehicles in top condition during the rainy season. Car owners are encouraged to follow their PMS schedule at their nearest dealership, where Ford technicians use Ford-approved fluids, filters and genuine parts.

Ford special offer for parts, battery package

One of the carmakers offering special promos for car parts this season is Ford Philippines. It is extending a 10-percent discount on wiper blades and brake pads for the Ford Everest, Ford Ranger, Ford Ecosport and Ford Territory. Covered in this promotion are brake pads and wiper blades of Ford Everest and Ranger (model year 2012 onward) and Ford EcoSport and Territory (all model years).

Customers can avail of this promo until 30 September 2022.

Ford is also offering an all-in battery package that starts at P6,300, inclusive of parts and labor, for the Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Ford Ecosport, Ford Ranger and Ford Everest. All parts of eligible Ford vehicles covered by this promo automatically come with a 24-month warranty.

“To ensure a worry-free experience on the road, we encourage all our customers to visit a Ford dealer for proper vehicle check-up and maintenance. Get access to genuine Ford parts, advanced service facilities, and our network of Ford-trained technicians at our dealerships nationwide,” Ford customer service division director, Patrick Manigbas says.

“We also have special promotions for select parts which we know will provide more value for our customers.”

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