ONIC shocks RSG, Omega gives TNC 4th loss

The revamped roster of ONIC is proving to be a force to reckon with following another impressive win this time over defending champion RSG on Week 2 Day 3 of MPL Season 10 this Sunday evening.

Composed of newcomers Der, Sensui, Rapidoot, Nets, and SUPER FRINCE, ONIC defied the odds when it scored a 2-0 victory over RSG with the use of the new tank jungler meta.

As far as the rookies are concerned, there was no pressure in facing the defending champion.

“There was no pressure. We can go toe to toe even though they are the champion,” said ONIC’s mid laner SUPER FRINCE.

“We are happy to be ONIC and we would give the championship to ONIC this season,” added Nets.

The win over RSG placed ONIC at no.4 on the ladder with a 2-1 standing while RSG currently sits at no.7 with 1-2.

Match 2 of the day was between Omega Esports and TNC where the former emerged victorious via sweep.

Now with a standing of 3-1, Omega Esports is currently ranked just behind Blacklist International at no.2 while TNC remains winless with a 0-4 standing.

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