Covid vaccines’ market availability backed

A plan by the Food and Drug Administration to make Covid-19 vaccines commercially available through the issuance of certificates of product registration will help the Philippines transition out of the pandemic.

According to Go Negosyo founder Joey Concepcion, FDA’s plan will promote vaccinations in the country in line with their recommendation last month to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as members of the Advisory Council of Experts.

FDA Director General Dr. Samuel Zacate said the vaccines that will be approved will be more readily available and accessible in
FDA-licensed drug establishments.

Covid vaccines are currently available only through emergency use authorization while the country is still under a State of Public Health Emergency, which, unless extended by the President, will expire this September.

As of 21 August, only one Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer has applied for a certificate of product registration. The FDA has urged other manufacturers to apply for the certificate.

“We, at ACE, are happy that one by one our recommendations to the President are being considered,” Concepcion said.

“These recommendations are based on science and data and take into account the urgency that is needed in taking action so our country can safely transition to normalcy and continue to keep the economy afloat,” he said.

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