There’s a Taylor Swift album for your mood

With over 114M albums sold worldwide, Taylor Swift is one of the most successful artists of her generation. Whether you need comforting or just want something to relate to
— her nine albums are sure to correspond to your different kinds of moods.

Taylor Swift explores the messy and lonely aspects of love in ‘Red.’

Taylor Swift
Mood: Reminiscent
This Taylor album is the best when you feel like reminiscing. Through her songs about first loves, first heartbreaks, first betrayals, and self-identity, Swift sends a warning about the ups and downs in life, in a way that prepares you to overcome them yourself if ever needed.

Mood: Fearless
As the name suggests, fearless is ideal for those moments. It focuses on navigating through difficulties, mistakes, heartache, and hope. Swift’s songwriting in this album is engaging and draws you in, allowing you to be a part of the narrative and not just a bystander.

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Mood: Escapism
The hope and vulnerability inscribed in the album’s lyrics makes this one of Swift’s most heartbreaking yet compelling one to date. This album allows you to drift off into dream-like escape.

Mood: Heartbreak
Swift explores the messy, lonely, perplexing, and spectacular aspects of love in her album “RED.” She underscores how love can be both overwhelming and underwhelming in songs like “Treacherous,” “I Almost Do,” “Sad Beautiful Tragic,” “The Moment I Knew,” “Come Back… Be Here,” and “All Too Well.”

Mood: Unstoppable
This album takes you on a journey and illustrates the various kinds of love one could experience in life, including earth-shattering, heartbreaking, easy, and real love. Swift also examines the media’s perception of her, in a way that allows her fans to relate. She voiced her rage with the circumstance she encountered, but satirized her feelings, so that by the end of each song, you no longer felt enraged or annoyed, rather empowered and unstoppable.

Mood: Façade
A lot of songs in this album describe going through some difficult circumstances in life and learning to better protect yourself. Fighting the façade, and finding the genuine — ­to be stronger, more guarded and happier than you’ve ever been.

Mood: Contented
As its title suggests, much of this album is concerned with dissecting the sensation of being in love. It’s musically and lyrically rich, content in the same way as being in the embrace of your lover.

Mood: Whimsical
Swift moves into a new genre while exploring the folkloric forests and the tales of the characters she created. She gives us the chance to put ourselves in the shoes of three different characters and experience how they individually perceive the predicament they are in. The music and lyrics on this album are superb, and nothing short of whimsical.

Mood: Closure
According to Swift, Evermore, is the sister album of Folklore. This album is unique, and beautifully sad but in a way that leaves you with closure.
Taylor’s storytelling style always touches on a wide range of subjects and emotions, making it easy for people of all ages to connect and relate to her music. If this article hasn’t converted you to a Swiftie, it should’ve at least encouraged you to give Swift a listen!

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