#Franchise Day: Get your dream business

Aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs may be hesitant to start owning their dream franchise because the process of applying for and owning one can be confusing. Enter Easy Franchise, the Philippines’ first go-to tech platform for franchising that can simplify the application process for potential franchisees by assisting them in applying for, operating and growing their business. That includes providing whatever a potential franchisee needs in terms of getting a franchise — contact information, franchising costs and set-up assistance.

On 28 August, Easy Franchise is bringing back the first and only franchise sale in the Philippines, its annual Franchise Day. Franchise Day 8.28 is an annual online event that brings together various local and international brands into a one-stop shop that potential franchisees can visit for all their needs.

Launched in February 2019, Easy Franchise was founded by Jose Magsaysay, former CEO and co-founder of Potato Corner, the Philippines’ most successful franchise brand, along with serial entrepreneurs RJ Ledesma and Bubbles Lim.

Easy Franchise opens doors for OFWs through its Franchise Management service. The Easy Franchise team runs the OFW franchises for them so that they can have additional income streams while staying abroad, helping them develop financial stability and giving them the opportunity to return home to a viable business.

“Technology has a major impact on closing gaps in a variety of industries, including franchising. We are creating a digital bridge through Easy Franchise that will enable Filipino migrants and OFWs to join in the franchise sector,” Magsaysay said.

Easy Franchise has also announced it will be launching its Investment Starter Program.

“We have found a new breed of entrepreneurs who are tech-savvy young people who venture into business or franchising, want to learn how to be entrepreneurs at an early age while still pursuing their passion, and we are here to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey,” Ledesma said.

When starting a franchise, aspiring entrepreneurs face many challenges, including raising funds for the initial investment and for ongoing expenses. The Easy Franchise Funding Service offers
non-collateral franchising loans at lower interest rates. Easy Franchise also offers free advice on how best to use the money so it will have maximum impact on the bottom line from day one.

Interested franchisees can check out franchising opportunities at EasyFranchise.com.

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