Teacher who ‘bullied’ pupil angers aunt

The Department of Education has yet to respond to a query on what course of action will be taken against a teacher who was reported to have verbally maltreated a 10-year-old student.

In a Facebook post on 22 August, Jeannie Vargas took to Facebook her ire over how her 10-year-old niece was humiliated and bullied by a public school teacher for taking so long to write during a class.

“Posting this for awareness and as a reminder, especially to teachers and parents, because I am stunned today because of what happened to my niece,” Vargas said in her post.

She said her niece, a Grade 5 student, was so excited to go to school because it was her first day and first time again to have face-to-face classes, only to be traumatized and went home crying.

“Because of the inexplicable things that happened at school, she just wrote it to tell her mother what happened. And it is very sad and heartbreaking to read what she wrote,” Vargas said, adding that her niece never want to go back to school.

She added: “Take note, her teacher whispered to her that she’s bobo (dumb). Too personal. My niece is very smart, always an honor student in her previous schools. So, for the protection of other children who become your students, we will do everything so that you don’t become someone else’s teacher,” she added.

“You don’t deserve the license that belongs to other people who care more about children,” her post read, as she urged other parents to check on their children after school.

She said: “Sometimes, they may be quiet but deep inside they experienced too much bullying in school. And let’s not be afraid to stand up for our kids. When they see us that we can fight for them against the wrong people, they will also learn to fight for themselves one day,” she said in the vernacular.

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