Changing mindset and fostering innovation in MSMEs

Innovations and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises are significant sources of economic growth. Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Homeroom sponsored a webinar for MSMEs where there learned how diversity and inclusion and a lean startup methodology are critical concepts to scale up operations.

The Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Homeroom trains budding entrepreneurs and owners of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises on improving their services and scale.

Serge Bernal, Pilipinas Shell’s vice president of Corporate Relations, explained the program’s vision in nurturing the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs, “The Shell LiveWIRE Homeroom Sessions aims to develop the business skills of aspiring business owners, established entrepreneurs, and startup leaders by focusing on solutions that offer innovation and provide job creation.”

He added, “Our panel of industry experts will share tips on relevant topics such as having the right growth mindset, establishing business partnerships and branding basics. ”

Sison is also a Shell LiveWIRE alumnus whose training and experience with the Shell LiveWIRE Acceleration program added to his business expertise while creating new avenues for Agro-DigitalPH to grow with more funding, hiring, and communities onboarded into its ecosystem.

He was joined by Guita Gopalan of eCommerce retailer Vivanti Advantage and Henry Sison,

co-founder of Agro-DigitalPH, a digital enterprise for small farmers in the virtual homeroom, to expound on how the acceptance and development of a workforce that has cultural, religious, gender, and socio-economic differences can spur business success and organizational strength.

The growth mindset
Sison described the growth mindset as a state of abundance that helps one welcome challenges and find inspiration in others’ success, “It’s pushing for growth despite success or failure. Achieving growth is a journey, and success is just a point in time — always remember to keep improving.”

He also explained how D&I significantly facilitates business growth “when you solve problems or develop solutions with your clients, allowing you to keep the best interests of all parties when coming up with Something new. What’s important is getting that growth mindset, that positiveness, and marrying it with D&I.”

Business inclusivity
Gopalan’s suggestion of creating business ideas that consider all stakeholders also touches on inclusivity: “Something simpler is better. Simpler for yourself, employees, potential customers, and end customers. You could also innovate your business model. That’s really where the magic happens in the startup space: when companies can be able to innovate on traditional business models.”

Startups can also test and validate their business models as these evolve through the Lean Startup methodology, a cycle of building, measuring, and learning, particular to their sector. Gopalan taught about this during the Virtual Homeroom, saying, “If you adopt the Lean Startup mindset and boost that up with the methodologies and tactics, you’ll pull together the key insights that will help your business grow better whether you are starting, already established or part of a company trying something new.”

More Homeroom sessions
Shell LiveWIRE is a premier community and tech startup accelerator in the Philippines and Pilipinas Shell’s flagship global enterprise development program. It provides a platform where thriving visionary founders can pitch innovative ideas and make their business designs viable, readily scalable, and attractive to investors.

Since 2020, more than 700 bright young Filipino innovators, including community and social enterprises, have been drawn to Shell LiveWIRE, with more than 20 successful startups receiving support through training, mentoring, and capital funding.

There will be two more legs of the Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Homeroom event: the second one on 25 August will discuss the vital strategy of establishing partnerships and transforming them as a platform to grow one’s digital business. The third leg will be on 8 September 2022 and discuss how participants can increase their brand influence by creating their digital footprints.

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