Manila readies in-school vax booths

In an effort to broaden Covid-19 vaccination in Manila, Mayor Honey Lacuna plans to set up vax areas in the city’s 107 public elementary and high schools to convince the public to get jabbed, either with primary or booster shots.

The mayor said the city government, through the efforts of Manila Health Department chief Dr. Arnold Pangan, had already implemented this scheme during enrollment.

She explained the vaccination areas set up in schools generated a good number of vaccinees who availed of the ease and accessibility the service offered.

Lacuna, a doctor, had continuously campaigned for vaccination, saying it is the most effective way of getting added protection from Covid-19.

She also appealed to students to urge their parents to have themselves vaccinated.

“Tell your parents, I feel out of place, and many of my classmates have been vaccinated. Maybe I can get vaccinated, too. Go ahead and ask your parents, grandparents,” Laguna told public school students she met with on the first day of face-to-face classes in Manila last Monday.

Meanwhile, the City of Manila is using various modes of social media to speed up announcements of class suspensions.

Last Monday, Lacuna suspended classes in all levels in public and private schools from 23 to 24 August due to tropical storm “Florita,” with private offices given the discretion to cease work depending on the weather condition.

Executive Order 29 also declared the suspension of government work, except for local government offices that provide basic and health services.

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