Woman’s new lover stabbed dead in crime of passion

Police theorized that the killer of the man said to be the new lover of his ex-live in partner is a crime of passion after he saw the two sleeping together Wednesday night in Tondo, Manila.

The victim was identified as Jean Syrus Buenafe, a 25-year-old tricycle driver of 3532 G. Santiago Street, Bo. Obrero, Tondo, Maynila. He was declared dead at 6:25 a.m. Wednesday at the Tondo Medical Center.

The suspect who is now in the custody of the police was identified as Eyrie Elgie Jacobe, also 25, of 2787 R. Cruz, Gagalangin, Tondo.

The incident occurred at 10:30 a.m. also on the same day at the house of Trisha Unamayor, the suspect’s former live- in partner in 2809 P. Fronda Street, Gagalangin, Tondo.

From the investigation made  PSSg Arvy Macaraig, of the Manila Police District, the suspect made a surprise visit to his former live-in partner and was shocked when he saw Unamayor lying in bed with the victim.

Driven by a fit of jealousy, the suspect proceeded to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and repeatedly stabbed the victim in different parts of the body.

The victim was rush to the hospital but later succumbed to multiple stab wounds while being treated.

Presently detained at the police station, the suspect will be charged with murder at the office of the Manila City Prosecutor.

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