NCR Covid repro rate below 1

Good news for a Sunday as the Covid-19 reproduction number in Metro Manila has dropped to 0.99 after a week, according to a private research group.

Previously, the repro rate was at 1.02 on 16 August before plummeting on 23 August to 0.99, the first time that the rate in the National Capital Region was less than one since 11 May this year.

Reproduction rate refers to the number of people infected by one case, thus a repro rate below one indicates that the transmission of the virus is slowing down.

The weekly positivity rate also decreased to 13.6 percent on 25 August from 14.7 percent on 18 August, the group said.

On the other hand, the average daily attack rate in the metro stood at 6.96 per 100,000 population.

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