Baguio eatery falls victim to ‘dine and dash’

BAGUIO CITY — A food establishment owner in this city is calling on other businessmen in the Summer Capital of the Philippines to be wary of tourist who engage in a modus called “dine and dash.”

This comes after the eatery owner — who refused to be identified — became a victim of a group of people who scammed their way for free food.

The owner narrated that a group of tourists dined at their establishment and after consuming the ordered food, one individual from the group approached the counter to inquire about items that were displayed on the shelf.

As the individual distracted the cashier, the rest of the group went for the exit. The establishment’s crew, meantime, already bussed the table after the group left as they had the idea that the individual left in the counter was already paying for their bill.

But as luck would have it, the individual just purchased a bottle of chili sauce and hurriedly left the establishment.

The owner said that the group has a total bill of more than P2,000, adding that they have CCTV footages where the faces of the people from the group were identifiable.

However, the owner said that he will not post it on social media and just reiterated his warning to other business establishments in the city.

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