PNP has its share of heroes — Azurin

Philippine National Police chief Gen. Rodolfo S. Azurin Jr. yesterday thanked police officers who sacrifice everything, sometimes to the point of laying down their lives to serve and protect the community with gallantry.

On the occasion of National Heroes’ Day Monday, Azurin said in his message to the 220,000-member PNP force that police work comes with the inevitable loss and grief that is part of every cop’s duly sworn profession.

Among the well-recognized heroes of the PNP are the 44 members of its Special Action Force who died in the line of duty in carrying out an operation to neutralize the terrorists Zulkifli bin Hir, alias Marwan, and Abdul Basit Usman in 2015 in the Maguindanao town of Mamasapano.

“But lest we forget, there is no higher honor or nobler act than to die for the cause of our country and our people,” Azurin said as he vowed the PNP will strive to improve as an organization of professionals.

“The vigor has never wavered even amid troubles,” Azurin said. “We remain strong and determined as we continue to march in cadence with the President and the Filipino people who only desire peace and stability in the country.”

The PNP, Azurin said, remains on the battlefield against crime, illegal drugs, corruption, and terrorism while tireless in cleansing its backyard of unfit members.

Over the years, he said, the police service has played a crucial role in shaping the nation’s history that now serves to inspire the present generation of policemen and policewomen.

“Together, we have won countless victories against crime and lawlessness and learned lessons well from setbacks and defeats,” he said, reaffirming the PNP’s commitment to the peace and security that the country’s heroes fought and died for.

Azurin said National Heroes Day does not only commemorate the glorious past of the nation’s heroes but is also a time to pay respect to modern-day heroes.

Among the present-day heroes, according to the PNP chief, are the medical front liners who selflessly serve the community during the pandemic, the police officers who lost their lives in the war against illegal drugs, and “all of us who have experienced various difficulties and surmounting challenges brought about by Covid-19.”

“Hence, we thank all of you on behalf of this grateful nation for your service and for making our beloved Philippines, a better place,” he said
He also reminded police officers to ensure that the judicious use of authority is grounded on respect for human dignity, transparency, integrity, accountability, rule of law, and democratic governance.

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