45-K homes benefit from solar farm

A 72-megawatt solar farm has officially started supplying clean energy to about 45,000 homes — a critical addition to the national grid as demand significantly increases over the years.

The 72 MW Arayat-Mexico Solar Farm, a joint venture between ACEN and Citicore, can generate 105 GWh of renewable energy.

The project is projected to help avoid an estimated 72,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, and has created more than 1,500 job opportunities within the community, thereby stimulating much needed activity in the local economy.

“In line with our strategy of leveraging on partnerships and synergies in the power sector, we are extremely pleased to showcase another successful venture that moves us closer to our shared goals of sustainable development for our country. And as we work towards our bold vision to reach 20 GW of capacity by 2030, we aim to accelerate the energy transition across the region,” Jose Maria Zabaleta, chief development officer of ACEN, said.

Faster road to neutrality

Meanwhile, Oliver Tan, president and CEO of Citicore Renewable Energy Corporation, pointed out that providing renewable energy alternatives will empower the country to “move faster towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.”

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