Heart Evangelista, may natutunan

Inamin ng aktres at fashion icon na si Heart Evangelista na may mga realizations siya matapos niyang dumalo sa Haute Couture Fashion Week 2022.

Sa kanyang pinakabagong vlog, sinabi ni Heart na nagbago na ang kanyang view about her expensive buying habit.

“I used to shop a lot but I had a change of heart recently. I would just spend on stuff that would sing to me ‘til I’m old and gray. I feel like, you know, I love having luxury items for just because I know it’s going to last a lifetime or over a lifetime whoever gonna get it afterwards,” sabi ng asawa ni Senador Chiz Escudero.

Sa ngayon, going for sustainability na si Heart at gusto na niyang umiwas sa mga walang kapararakang pagbili ng luxury items.

“We all get to a phase in life, and it’s nice to see you doing these, I did not expect this from you any sooner, but yeah, sometimes as simple as touching the grass is pure happiness, and just like you said, it’s going to be a process. I’m also all about sustainability lately, so that’s why I just want to buy stuff that I know that I can use for a really long time. And eventually if it doesn’t sing to me anymore somebody else can use them,” saad ni Heart

“So yeah, so that’s been what I’ve been going through and learning. Unlearning stuff as well like… You look at my closet and it’s excessive, extremely excessive. I guess I was going through a stage where I thought buying all these things would make you happy. But really it’s just taking photos, enjoying life and if you do or to invest on something, it would be that something that you would love forever,” dadgag niya.

“That’s why when I pack sometimes, I just bring the basics. If you have so much stuff, you just bring so many clothes,” came her another realization.

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