Russia cuts gas deliveries to France

PARIS (AFP) — French energy firm Engie said Tuesday that Russian energy giant Gazprom was slashing its natural gas deliveries “due to a disagreement between both sides over the execution of contracts.”

Engie added in a statement that Russian gas supplies had already been reduced drastically after Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

“Engie had already secured the necessary volumes to guarantee supplies for its clients and for its own needs,” it said.

Russia gas accounted for four percent of its overall energy supplies at the end of July, the group said.

Warnings from the French government have mounted in recent days about possible difficulties this winter due to energy shortages and galloping inflation.

Many European countries are facing severe supply problems as Moscow turns off the gas taps in response to European Union military and diplomatic backing for Ukraine.

French President Emmanuel Macron is to gather ministers for a special cabinet meeting on Friday in order to “prepare for all eventualities this autumn and winter,” his office said.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne urged company bosses on Monday to reduce their consumption and warned about the risk of rationing.

“If we end up with rationing, companies will be the most affected and unfortunately we need to be prepared for it,” she told the Medef business association.

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