Maxene Magalona, hindi conscious sa katawan

Hindi inaalintana ng aktres na si Maxene Magalona kung pumayat man siya or tumaba at aminado rin siyang may mga pagkakataon na inaatake rin siya ng katamaran at sumosobra ang paglafang niya ng matatamis na pagkain.

Sa kanyang Instagram post, ibinahagi niya ang isang video clip kung saan makikita ang kanyang pagyo-yoga at pagme-medidate at ayon sa kanya, may isang life lesson siyang natutunan niya sa pagharap sa mga pagsubok.

“Sometimes, I’m thick. Sometimes, I’m thin. All the time, I don’t care. I know I am more than my physical body. I admit there are times when I get lazy and overindulge in sweets but I’m okay with that. I also know that I am only human. I will inevitably stumble and fall. The best that I can do is pick myself back up and hold myself gently through the process as I keep going with my head held high and my heart filled with unlimited hope,” saad ni Maxene.

Samantala, may hugot din ang anak ng yumaong aktor at tinaguriang Master Rapper ng Pilipinas, hinggil sa “inner growth” at “inner exploration”.

“What’s it like in there? If people answered honestly, most would say that it’s not always fun in there. In fact, sometimes it’s downright tough. What’s that all about? This is where we get down to a real discussion about inner growth. Most people don’t realize that it can always be nice in there. Take the nicest it’s ever been; holding your first child, the day of your wedding, your first kiss, winning the lottery. Recall that state, then increase it multifold and have it be that way all the time—except that it keeps getting higher,” dagdag niya.

Binigyang-diin pa niya na may pagkakataon na magugulo ang ating isip at puso dahil sa mga bagay na nangyayari na hindi natin kontrolado.

“That is what you are capable of experiencing inside. That’s the truth. It is really beautiful in there, but something is messing it up. Imagine walking into a house that has dirt, banana peels, and pizza crusts all over the place. It happens to be a beautiful house, but no one took care of it. It can be beautiful again, but some work needs to be done. This is exactly the situation inside you. In fact, this is why we’re on this inner exploration. Everybody wants the same thing: they would like it to be nice in there.” – @michael_a.singer, #LivingUntethered. That’s the truth #truthfairy,” ang nakasaad pa sa caption ni Maxene.

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