Will e-sabong merit BBM OK?

The future remains hazy for online sabong, a consideration that has yet to reach the President’s desk.

This, despite pressure from both directions as daily inquiries continue to pile at the Pagcor office.

“I have not had a chance to discuss the matter with the members of the [new] board nor…our President…so I cannot make a categorical answer as of today,” Pagcor CEO Alejandro Tengco told a deliberation in Congress, where a Quezon City lawmaker averred some e-sabong operators continue to pay their rent and incur expenses despite suspension.

In May, former President Duterte had outlawed e-sabong, a lucrative government revenue stream he deemed just as socially expensive.

“I suppose we will have to make a decision…at the soonest possible time,” Tengco said. “Either we affirm the decision of the previous administration or we do certain changes.”

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