‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ star gets life sentence for mother’s death

The crime happened two years ago, but the shock remains.

Ryan Grantham of Diary of a Wimpy Kid fame has been sentenced by the British Columbia Supreme Court to life imprisonment (with the possibility of parole in 14 years) and a lifetime firearm ban for murdering his mother.

CBC News reported that the 24-year-old actor, who also appeared in the TV series Riverdale “shot his mother, Barbara Waite, in the back of her head while she played piano at home in March 2020. After committing the crime, Grantham filmed a video of himself where (he) confessed to the murder and filmed his mother’s corpse.”

Grantham was said to have also planned to kill Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but changed his mind, headed to Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge or Simon Fraser University, his alma mater, to commit mass violence.

Fortunately, he again changed his mind and confessed to the Vancouver police instead.

Lawyer Chris Johnson told E! News that Grantham has been turning his life around since his arrest by undergoing psychological assistance.

“He has struggled with what he’s done and facing that, but he hopes to dedicate the rest of his life to making amends,” Johnson said in a statement.

Crown prosecutor Michaela Donnelly said in a court hearing in June that Grantham had “urges to kill” and clinical depression.

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