Chery opens biggest dealership

Chery Auto Philippines, under its mother company, United Asia Automotive Group Inc. , continues its commitment to bringing reasonable yet feature-loaded vehicles with the inauguration of its newest dealership in Commonwealth, Quezon City. This marks the 23rd dealership of the brand in the country.

The dealership, owned and operated by Luzon Industry Movers Inc., is situated in a 976.8-square meter two-floor facility and features an eight-vehicle two-story showroom, five spacious service bays with technician rooms, an aftersales and conference room, a nursing station, as well as several offices, plus the first and only dealership with a charging station among the network.

“This is another milestone for us as we embark on a long-term journey of bringing the brand closer to more Filipinos. This moment marks the first of the many expansion efforts to boost our dealer network,” UAAGI chairperson Rommel Sytin said.

ELECTRIC vehicle charging station also highlights the dealership’s facilities.

Chery Commonwealth’s prime location along one of the busiest roads in the country aligns with the brand’s vision to increase the presence of its vehicles on the road. The opening of the newest dealership also serves as the blueprint for outstanding design, excellent customer satisfaction, and unparalleled aftersales support for the next Chery dealerships.

“We, Luzon Industry Movers Inc., together with Chery Auto Philippines, are proud of this partnership. We are ever motivated to keep on improving, providing better services, and offering our feature-packed vehicles to more Filipinos across the country,” management group representative, Enzo de los Reyes, for his part, said.

976.8-SQUARE meter two-floor dealership features an eight-vehicle two-story showroom, five spacious service bays with technician rooms.

UAAGI and LIMI are in a great position to penetrate and eventually dominate the market for crossovers. While it’s been only three years since the brand’s entry into the country, Chery is already seen relentlessly growing month-on-month, even recording back-to-back sales records in July and August. This proves the strong demand for high-quality yet cost-efficient vehicles that the Chery Tiggo lineup offers.

“Chery has seen tremendous growth in these past few months. Our consistent sales, marketing, and aftersales efforts have helped us reach our highest-ever sales performance. The opening of Chery Commonwealth, today, shows our commitment to making Chery more accessible to the public,” UAAGI president Erroll E. Dueñas, meanwhile, stated.

QUEZON City Mayor Joy Belmonte (center) graces the dealership’s opening ceremony.

Currently, Chery Auto Philippines markets the subcompact Tiggo 2 PRO and Tiggo 5x, compact Tiggo 7 PRO, and the all-new midsize Tiggo 8 PRO 1.6 Turbo gasoline direct interjection and Tiggo 8 PRO Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle — all of which are covered with an industry-leading Chery Premium Preserv. Retail prices range from P840,000 to P2,500,000.

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