Rodriguez: Resigning as ES ‘a happy decision’

Resigning as Executive Secretary was a “very personal decision” he “happily made,” Victor Rodriguez said in a statement released on 5 October.

“As for my continued silence on matters related to my previous position as the executive secretary, the fundamental reason is all communications that have transpired between the President and myself are absolutely privileged, something which I shall continue to honor in full recognition of and respect to the Office of the President and the Office of the Executive Secretary,” he said.

“I have been ridiculed, maligned and subjected to baseless and unfair commentaries on all conceivable platforms, but I take solace in the legal aphorism, ‘Men in public life may suffer under a hostile or unjust accusation; the wound can be assuaged with the balm of a clear conscience.'”

After stepping down from his post in September, Rodriguez was replaced by former Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin.

Bersamin, in an interview with reporters on 4 October, said Rodriguez no longer holds any government position.

Rodriguez, 48, had served as Marcos’ chief of staff and spokesperson prior to the 2022 elections and was credited for the smooth conduct of Marcos’ presidential campaign.

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