Toledo as press secretary? ‘Sino ho ba naman tayo para tumanggi?’

Lawyer Mike Toledo finds no reason not to accept serving again as press secretary, should it be offered to him.

“Sino ho ba naman tayo para tumanggi? I will be humbled, it will be an honor and privilege to serve under the Marcos administration,” Toledo told reporters at the sidelines of the Department of Environment’s multi-stakeholder forum, which President Bongbong Marcos attended.

Toledo said, “It’s not a question of interest, but if public service calls for you to make sacrifices, who are you to say no?

“But then again, you need not be in government for you to help. Being in the private sector, you can be of help as far as objectives of government are concerned.”

Toledo was formerly press secretary of the Estrada administration.

He is currently head of government relations and public affairs of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation.

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