IYKYK: New-gen terms boggling our minds

Ever wondered why some can’t relate to Gen Z conversations?

There are those who understand the slang we use, but there are those who don’t.

Gen Z are often called energy savers just cause we prefer to shorten words to get to the point as quickly as possible.

Brush up on some new-gen terms to be in the know.

1. No cap = No lie
Fr fr = For real for real
Ngl = Not gonna lie
Example: I’m telling the truth, no cap. Fr, why would I do that? Ngl.

2. Iykyk = If you know, you know
Iykwim = If you know what I mean
Example: It’s a secret. Iykyk.

3. Istg = I swear to God
Example: Istg! If I see that expression of his one more time.

4. NSFW = Not safe for work
Example: These materials are very NSFW.

5. Fam = Family
Example: Sunday is fam day bonding.

6. Omsim = Mismo
Eurt = True
Example: Omsim! That’s so eurt.

7. Carps = Game ka ba? [from r u g?]
Example: We’re going out later. Carps?

8. Sus = Suspicious
Example: He looks familiar but sus.

9. TFW = That feeling when
Example: TFW you feel sleepy but still have tons to do?

10. Forda ferson = For the person
For today’s vidyeow = For today’s video
Example: For today’s vidyeow, for da go ang mga ferson sa outing.

So whenever you hear these slang terms, you already know. Iykwim.

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