RPO industry making waves vs BPO

The recruitment process outsourcing has expanded immensely over the last few years, offering a tailwind of opportunities for Filipinos amid these trying times.

Cybil Getgood, RPO company TeamRecruit’s chief marketing officer, said RPO jobs are lucrative propositions, adding that the industry has expanded to a $5.48 billion market globally with a compound annual growth rate of 18.5 percent in the next seven years.

“If people are asking why RPO companies and professionals make more than business process outsourcing, it is actually because RPO roles have commissions. If you look at headhunters locally or abroad, they earn a placement fee whenever they have a successful placement. It’s the same thing for us. Whenever we place a candidate in a hospital or a tech company in the US, our recruiter makes a commission here,” Getgood said during her interview with the Daily Tribune’s digital morning show Gising Na!

She said the employees of TeamRecruit are all remotely working as an outsourcing company and are working with talent/ candidates who are already offshore.

Future plans

Getgood said they have better and more aggressive growth plans for the company in the coming years.

“We’ve worked with large hospital facilities in the United States and greatly supported them. We have many companies looking to invest in deploying nurses, and I know it brings interest to our clients,” she said.

Her company, TeamRecruit, is an enlisting firm and RPO services provider with workforce solutions tailored to meet the dynamic staffing needs of healthcare and technology companies.

“What makes us stand out and different in the RPO industry is that we are the most rewarding company to work for. Suppose you look at Facebook and LinkedIn posts. In that case, some of our members who came from a BPO setting are saying that they were able to buy houses, cars, and appliances because of our company, completely and continuously changing their lives,” she said.

According to Getgood, her company provides a minimum of P10,000 and a maximum of P200,000 in terms of commission, making employees say that working with TeamRecruit was indeed rewarding.

“RPO is a natural progression wherein the skills workers in BPO can transition to RPO. And the transition is quite easy because more and more companies, like us, invest in transitioning people. We will also teach them the skills needed to thrive in an RPO role,” according to Getgood.

Unfortunately, newly graduated individuals must have at least a year of experience in the BPO space, preferably in outbound or recruiting clients, because they will be making calls to many applicants, which connotes intensive skills.

“Our strength is the ability to work from home, and applicants prefer us because most companies require workers to return on-site. And as a recruiting firm, we already have access to the world’s best sourcing platforms, so looking for qualified candidates is easy,” Getgood underlined.

As stated on their website, the company says, “TeamRecruit was born from the belief that if you take care of people, they will take care of business. We work not only to reach quotas but to change lives. Our team celebrates your wins and shares your frustrations, taking pride in building real relationships.”

Industries that TeamRecruit serves are healthcare and technology, with services of RPO, direct hire, executive search, and high-volume staffing.

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