Local artists featured in Tarlac Art Fair

TARLAC CITY — More than a hundred artists from this province are set to be featured during the 2nd Tarlac Art Fair as part of the local government’s thrust to promote and display their works at the art gallery of the Diwa ng Tarlac.

According to Governor Susan Yap, the Tarlac Art Fair is one of the activities in line with the celebration of the 150th Founding Anniversary of the province in May 2023 and will emphasize art as an integral part of life.

“I have seen the growth and changes of our province to arts and culture. I have seen how many talented people have shown and came of out of their shells. Whatever their talent, skills or contributions are in the community, I will as much as possible showcase it,” Yap said.

She added that art became one of the coping mechanisms of the artists especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, providing much needed sense of binding and definition of the province’s identity.

“The art has given us strength and resiliency during the time of Covid-19. It gave our artists an outlet whether mentally or physically. Art is so important so we should not let it die. We have to continue being a patron supporting arts,” Yap said.

Meantime, Melissa Yeung-Yap, a representative of the Tarlac artists, promoted the masterpieces of local artists and the vibrant art scene in Tarlac.

“I am super happy and proud that we have a lot of good artists here. It is so nice to see everyone’s works together. Whether you are an artist or not, you can come and appreciate the artistry and skills of our fellow Tarlaqueños,” Yeung-Yap said.

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