You can serve your ‘own’ beer at your next celebration

The annual Oktoberfest, a beer-drinking celebration which originated in Munich, Bavaria in Germany, has a Philippine version which happens next week.

In recent years, Filipinos have been imbibing different kinds of beer — particularly craft beer, or beer made in small amounts by independent companies compared to large breweries.

One company, Milestone Craft Brewers, goes the extra mile—personalizing and customizing its product label to suit an event.

Milestone founder Kevin Lapeña

“I enjoyed drinking beer growing up,” said Milestone founder and owner Kevin Lapeña. “I’ve had this lingering desire to put up a business around beer.

Since he’s in the weddings and events industry, Lapeña thought of offering a service to make special occasions more meaningful and memorable. Hence, Milestone.

“We’re not just in the craft beer business, but also in its commemoration and collaboration aspect,” Lapeña said.

It means making personalized or customized labels to make an event truly special.

Lapeña explained: “We focus on the personalized labels we create for our clients. In a way, our beer becomes their own beer. When you serve your own beer, it makes your celebration more impactful. Plus, they make for great souvenirs and conversation pieces as well.”

Alodia Gosengfiao and Christopher Quimbo at their wedding engagement. | Photographs courtesy of ig/milestonecraftbrews

Cosplayer Alodia Gosengfiao and singer Donnalyn Bartolome have held events with Milestone.

Donnalyn Bartolome

At the announcement of Gosiengfiao’s wedding engagement to businessman Christopher Quimbo, the beer label bore Alodia’s own design.

Alodia Gosengfiao designed the logo of the Milestone beer served at her wedding engagement.

Six variants

How does Milestone customize its beer?

“The variety of brews we offer caters to the preferences of our clients, as well as taste profiles for different kinds of events, and food pairings,” Lapeña said.

Milestone provides samplers for tasting appointments. Recommendations are given based on drinking preferences, demographics, the kind of event, what food will be served, among other factors.
Milestone currently brews six variants.

Pilsner/Lager (4.5 to 5 percent alcohol by volume) has an aromatic blend of malt flavors with floral notes with a crisp taste.

Pale Ale is a modern, bold-flavored take on the Summer Ale, known for its light, fruity flavors.

Tropical Kölsch is brewed with fresh watermelon.

India Pale Ale, the strongest at 7 percent ABV, has intense, fruity flavors.

Easy Amber Saison has the lowest alcohol content at 4 percent but is high in flavor.

As a new craft beer brand, Milestone, said Lapeña, is happy to be part of all kinds of events.

“Just the opportunity to build more awareness about craft beer and the personalized services we offer is already an achievement in itself,” he said.

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