Marcial skipping Asian tourney

The Philippine boxing team will miss Tokyo Olympics bronze medalist in the fast-approaching Asian Championships that will take place from 29 October to 13 November in Amman, Jordan.

Marcial was ruled out of the competition and the planned training camp in the Jordanian capital after he suffered a cut in his six-round unanimous decision win over Steven Pichardo over the weekend in Carson, California.

National team head coach Don Abnett had revealed a few weeks ago that Marcia would be reuniting with his national team pals when the squad sets up training camp in Amman starting this week.

But Marcial’s injury — a cut on his right eyebrow — will prevent the heavy-hand lefty from making that happen.

Even without the injury, Association of Boxing Alliances in the Philippines leadership told Daily Tribune on the day Marcial fought Pichard that the Zamboanga puncher had decided to beg off from going to Jordan.

“I spoke to him later and he said he’s planning to fight again in December so alanganin yung Asian championships,” ABAP secretary general Marcus Manalo said yesterday.

But with the cut, it could not yet be determined if he is indeed fighting for the fourth time as a pro in December as the wound needs time to heal.

Still, Marcial guaranteed the ABAP that he will be available for national team commitments in 2023 when two important meets are taking place.

“He said he’s looking forward to train with us at the start of the year for the major tournaments next year,” Manalo said, refering to the Southeast Asian Game in Phnom Penh in May and the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September-October.

Of the two, the Asian Games is a must since it will serve as a qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

But given what Manalo describes as Marcial’s “tricky” situation, he is keeping his fingers crossed everything falls into place.

“Who knows what’s going to happen (next),” he added.

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