Navoteños gain better health access

The City Government of Navotas, led by Mayor John Rey Tiangco, has provided more medical and health services to Navoteños, during his first 100 days in office.

Some 531 Navoteños have also benefited from the Navotas Hospitalization Program. 

Navotas City Hospital provided a total of 54,086 services and procedures, including 507 live births, 14,878 emergency cases, 3,866 face-to-face outpatient consultations, and other hospital services such as ultrasound, x-ray and laboratory services.

The city also provided free flu at pneumococcal vaccine to 630 seniors as well as 1,266 free dialysis treatment.

Moreover, 701 Navoteños were enrolled in PhilHealth and 710 Navoteño indigents received medical assistance through the PhilHealth Point of Service.

Some 250 Navoteños were registered in PhilHealth Konsulta, an expanded primary care benefit package from the agency. Navotas City Hospital is the first accredited Konsulta provider facility in the CAMANAVA area.

Furthermore, 2,783 Navoteños got their 1st dose of COVID vaccine; 3,371, 2nd dose; 11,064, 1st booster; and 9,881, 2nd booster. 

Navotas also inaugurated its covid-19 vaccine cold room with bio-refrigerators, ultra-low temperature freezers that can reach -86℃, and single insulation transport coolers.

“The pandemic not only took a toll on the physical health of Navoteños, it also affected their mental well-being. For the people to live a better life, they need to be of sound mind and body,” the mayor said.

“We believe that the healthier the people are, the more they become productive. Thus, we place a high priority on our preventive and curative health care programs,” he added.

The Dietary Supplementation program also benefited 573 Navoteños. 

Of these, 510 are pre-school children, 36 are pregnant teens, and 27 are lactating mothers.

In addition, 528 Navoteños benefited from the city’s Supplemental Feeding Program and 576 from the Nutrition in Emergencies program.

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