Tondo secure with Ibay, MPD chief says

Manila Police District chief Andrei Dizon and newly appointed MPD police station 1 commander P/Lt. Col. Rosalino Ibay Jr. gathered together 138 Tondo barangay officials recently to ensure security and promote law and order in the densely populated area.

Dizon chose to first bring to Tondo his “Ugnayan ng Pulisya at Komunidad” program as the area has traditionally posed the biggest challenges to the police like illegal drugs, robberies, killings, vagrancy and hooliganism among the youth.

Issues like indiscriminate disposal of garbage, imbibing intoxicating drinks in public and the illegal parking of vehicles on the streets were discussed by Dizon and Ibay.

The barangay leaders, in turn, provided inputs and raised concerns during a question hour, including on the worsening traffic in Tondo as drivers of pedicabs and tricycles were seen violating road regulations with impunity.

Ibay said he has forged an agreement with barangay leaders in Tondo to coordinate closely with the police to put order back on the streets and alleys of the district.

Dizon handed the barangay leaders his business cards so they can personally contact him to relay their concerns.

As Ibay is a true-blue son of Tondo, Dizon said he has one less police station to worry about, adding: “Colonel Ibay is well-versed in your place and I can vouch for his competence and his leadership.”

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