Manila activating 2 blood banks

Mayor Honey Lacuna announced Tuesday a plan to activate blood banks in two major district hospitals in the City of Manila by next year.

Lacuna revealed her plan when she graced the 35th Biennial Assembly of the Manila Chapter of the Philippine Red Cross. She thanked the Manila Red Cross for installing her as its honorary chair.

The blood banks will be activated at the Sta. Ana Hospital and the Ospital ng Maynila, Lacuna, a doctor, said.

Meanwhile, the Manila police had been busy the past few days. On Monday, a 53-year-old polio-stricken man was arrested after a co-worker filed three counts of acts of lasciviousness against him.

The man denied he mashed the woman, saying she was just trying to get back at him as her superior who had issues over her work.

He said he could not do what he was accused of because he’s stricken with polio.

In Tondo, police and traffic enforcers started going after the owners of motorcycles without mufflers, or those whose exhausts had been modified to become too loud.

MPD police station 1 Raxabago chief P/Lt. Col Rosalino Ibay Jr. said 38 motorcycles were subjected to decibel meter readings two meters from their exhaust pipes, with 17 being impounded for having loud mufflers.

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